December 19th, 2013 IPCUG Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes by Laura, Secretary

Meeting called to order by President Hugh at 7:02pm

3 officers, 4 board members, and 3 IPCUG members present, for a total of 10 in attendance.

Treasurer Report by Brian

  • December Income: $115.00
  • December Expenses: $37.14
  • Balance: $1,667.58
  • Moved to accept by Martin, seconded by LeRoy and unanimously agreed upon

Secretary Report by Laura

  • Moved to accept by LeRoy, seconded by Brian and unanimously agreed upon

Program Chair Report by Gregg

  • January Meeting
    • First Presentation: Hugh and Gregg with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 basics/Classic Shell
    • Second Presentation: Mike with Windows 7 Library
    • February Meeting
      • First Presentation: Brian with ChromeCast
      • Second Presentation: Gregg with the new Kindle Fire HDX and Martin with Android/ChromeBook from his laptop (shown on ChromeCast)
      • Raffle at the end for the ChromeCast
      • Future Presentation Ideas:
        • Grub Boot-Loader update (Gregg)
        • Chrome cast with raffle ($35) at the end of the meeting
        • How to set up a router and Tight Projector (tentatively March)
        • Craigslist-how to post, how to search for items
        • Facebook-benefits, how to create an account, how to upload photos, how to find friends, etc.

Old Business

  • Brian has not been able to talk to Jerry to discuss holding board meetings at Jerry’s restaurant
  • Hugh, Brian, and Ev need to get together to transfer names on the bank account
  • Hugh stated he would like to change the colors of the website to make it seem “brighter,” such as making it resemble the Idaho license plates.

New Business

  • Motioned by Hugh and seconded by Ruth for Brian to purchase two ChromeCasts, one for the club and one to be raffled in the February meeting. Unanimously agreed upon.
  • Brian asked if there is a need to keep old records from the club, as there are some boxes of IPCUG records from 1998. It was unanimously agreed that records older than 7 years can be disposed of.
  • Hugh mentioned trying to have a combined meeting for the Ubuntu, Linux, and IPCUG group. Brian stated he didn’t think there are similar interests in presentation topics.
  • Martin said we should encourage members to sign up for Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. so we could show the club all the accounts the IPCUG is a part of.
  • Brian stated that the APCUG membership most likely needs to be renewed before the end of the year. This was motioned by Ruth, seconded by Hugh, and unanimously agreed upon.
  • Upcoming Pizza Party-will be brought up at the January meeting to see how much interest there is.


Meeting adjourned by President Hugh at 7:48 pm

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