February 27th, 2014 IPCUG Board Meeting Minutes

IPCUG Board Meeting

February 27th, 2014

Minutes by Laura, Secretary

  • 4 officers present, 4 board members present, and 3 club members present, for a total of 11 in attendance.
  • Meeting called to order by President Hugh at 7:12pm

Treasurer’s Report by Brian

  • February Income: $50.00
  • February Expenses: $74.77
  • Total Balance: $1,540.05
  • Moved to accept by Laura, seconded by Ruth, and unanimously agreed upon

Secretary’s Report by Laura

  • Board Meeting Minutes
    • Moved to accept by Brian, seconded by Gregg, and unanimously agreed upon
  • General Meeting Minutes
    • Moved to accept by Brian, seconded by Gregg, and unanimously agreed upon

Program Chair Report by Gregg

  • March Meeting
    • Martin’s minute: Limitations of old hardware being upgraded to Windows 8
    • First Presentation: Brian with How to set up a Router and Tight Projector
      • It will be announced to the club members to bring their laptops to the meeting, both on the website and in the newsletter.
    • Second Presentation: Brian with ChromeCast
    • If there is extra time: Martin with EXIF reading utility
    • Auction for 1 of the Chrome Casts (next auction in April)
  • April Meeting
    • First Presentation: (tentatively) Larry Krum with Apple products
    • No second Presentation
    • Auction for second Chrome Cast
  • Future Presentation Ideas:
    • Security with passwords, credit cards, online banking, etc.
    • Grub Boot-Loader update (Gregg)
    • Craigslist-how to post, how to search for items
    • Facebook-benefits, how to create an account, how to upload photos, how to find friends, etc.
    • Tablets. Specifically, the Kindle Fire HDX by Gregg.
    • Zorin with a possible SIG to update systems and install software.

Old Business


  • Pizza Party was scheduled by Rose and is to be announced again in the March meeting and the newsletter, and will take place April 12th at 11:30 am, at Chicago Connection in Meridian.
  • Brian spoke with Jerry of Jerry’s café, who stated that the café is open for the club to hold board meetings there on Thursdays evenings, if desired.
  • The board unanimously agreed to have a trial board meeting at Jerry’s café at the next board meeting. Brian said he will set this up.
  • There has been one entry for IPCUG logo ideas for the website. The contest will be announced at the next meeting as well. Each entry will receive one free ticket for the Chrome Cast drawing.
  • Brian said he filled out a report for the IRS stating that the IPCUG is a non-profit group, but is unsure if there is a fee involved. Brian said he will contact our previous Treasurer to get this clarified.


New Business


  • It will be announced at the next general meeting that there are articles being released nearly every day in the “member’s only” area of the website.
  • Gregg said an e-mail needs to be sent out to the group asking for input regarding the newsletter being changed to an online-only format. Brian said he will send out this e-mail next week, since he has the e-mail list of the club members. This e-mail will also include information regarding what the website has to offer.
  • Gregg will run the March general meeting, as Hugh will not be available.


Meeting adjourned by Hugh at 7:55pm.

Next board meeting will be March 27th, 2014, 7:00pm at Jerry’s in Boise.

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