January 23rd, 2014 IPCUG Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes by Laura, Secretary

  • 4 officers present, 3 board members present, and 3 club members present, for a total of 10 in attendance.
  • Meeting called to order by President Hugh at 7:03pm

Treasurer’s Report by Brian

  • January Income: $75.00
  • January Expenses: $99.90
  • Total Balance: $1,564.82
  • Moved to accept by Martin, seconded by Gregg, and unanimously agreed upon

Secretary’s Report by Laura

  • Board Meeting Minutes
    • Moved to accept by Hugh, seconded by Rose, and unanimously agreed upon
    • General Meeting Minutes
      • Moved to accept by Martin, seconded by Gregg, and unanimously agreed upon

Program Chair Report by Hugh

  • February meeting
    • First Presentation: Ken McConnell with Plume Creator
    • First Presentation (if speaker can’t come): Hugh and Brian with How to set up a Router and Tight Projector
    • Second/backup Presentation: Martin with PhotoMe (approximately 10 minutes)
    • March meeting
      • First Presentation: Hugh and Brian with How to set up a Router and Tight Projector
      • Second Presentation: Brian with ChromeCast
      • Auction for 1 of the Chrome Casts (next auction in April)
      • Future Presentation Ideas:
        • Security with passwords, credit cards, online banking, etc.
        • Grub Boot-Loader update (Gregg)
        • How to set up a router and Tight Projector
        • Craigslist-how to post, how to search for items
        • Facebook-benefits, how to create an account, how to upload photos, how to find friends, etc.
        • Tablets. Specifically, the Kindle Fire HDX by Gregg.

Old Business

  • Pizza Party to be announced in February and March, and will take place in April. This is to be arranged by Rose and to take place on April 12th at 11:30 am, at Chicago Connection in Meridian.
  • Brian has not been able to talk to Jerry regarding the possibility of holding board meetings there in the future. Update to come next month.
  • Hugh, Brian, and Ev need to get together to transfer names on the bank account.
  • Brian said he needs ideas to change the colors of the website. Hugh suggested the colors of the Idaho license plate. Brian suggested including members of the club to come up with concepts. Martin brought up that for each legitimate idea that the member could receive a ticket for the ChromeCast. Hugh said he will bring this up at the next meeting.
  • Brian stated that he paid for the APCUG yearly membership and the fee will be shown in the February Treasurer’s report.

New Business

  • Next meeting educate club regarding the board members participating in the club raffles. Perhaps a non-board member could do the drawing, but almost half of the club is on the board so it is unrealistic to ask board members not to participate.
  • Hugh brought up the idea of stopping the newsletter due to expenses, and the fact that this is computer club and the newsletter could be provided in electronic form, encouraging usage of the computer.
    • Martin stated there was no way to lock-down access to it in the past, but now there is, so perhaps this is a good idea.
    • Brian suggested a blog format instead of a newsletter format. Hugh stated this would be a good way to add more to the “newsletter,” such as videos, audio clips, links to websites to click on directly, etc.
    •  Gregg stated that many, like him, enjoy a hard copy, but that he would be willing to print the electronic newsletter at home and this wouldn’t be much of a hassle.
    • Rose brought up that this should be introduced and explained at the next meeting so there is an understanding among the club.
    • Gregg asked how this could be passed on to prospective members, as he often hands a hard copy of the newsletter to those who are interested in IPCUG. It was discussed to give them a link to the website or a temporary membership login so they could have a “trial account” to see all the content.
    • This topic will be brought up at the general meeting and will be re-discussed at the next board meeting.
    • Gregg brought up that a report needs to be sent to the Secretary of State and the Internal Revenue Service to state that the IPCUG is a non-profit group. Brian said he will look into this and report at next meeting.

Meeting adjourned by Hugh at 8:08 pm.

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