July 24th, 2014 IPCUG Board Meeting Minutes


IPCUG Board Meeting

July 24th, 2014

Minutes by Brian, Treasurer

3 officers present, 4 board members present, and 2 club members present, for a total of 9 in attendance.

Meeting called to order by President Hugh at 6:45 pm

Treasurer’s Report by Brian

  • July Income: $50.00
  • July Expenses: $0.00
  • Total Balance: $1731.52

Moved to accept by Gregg, seconded by Martin, and unanimously agreed upon

Secretary’s Report by Brian, minutes provided by Laura prior to meeting

  • Board Meeting Minutes

Moved to accept by Martin, seconded by Gregg, and unanimously agreed upon

  • General Meeting Minutes

Moved to accept by Mike, seconded by LeRoy, and unanimously agreed upon

Program Chair Report by Gregg

  • August Meeting
    • First Presentation: Hugh: Installing Linux & Running your old OS in a virtual machine.
  • September Meeting
    • First Presentation: Using Ubuntu (Switching from Microsoft)
    • Second Presentation: Gregg: Microsoft Scam

Future Presentation Ideas:

  • Business cards using Avery.com (Gregg)
  • Craigslist-how to post, how to search for items
  • Facebook-benefits, how to create an account, how to upload photos, how to find friends, etc.
  • Tablets/Laptops. Specifically, the Kindle Fire HDX by Gregg and ChromeBook by Laura.
  • Zorin with a possible SIG to update systems and install software.
  • Backup with Clonezilla.
  • BitLocker - Hard drive encryption.
  • Dark Table - LightRoom clone for Linux and Mac.
  • Streaming with Sony Blu-Ray player.

Old Business

  • Will bring up a Linux install SIG after the September presentations.

New Business

  • Could we start putting all presentations on website.

Meeting adjourned by President Hugh at 7:54 pm.

Next board meeting will be August 28th, 2014, 6:30 pm at Jerry’s in Boise.

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