June 26th, 2014 IPCUG Board Meeting Minutes

IPCUG Board Meeting

June 26th, 2014

Minutes by Brian, Treasurer

3 officers present, 5 board members present, and 3 club members present, for a total of 11 in attendance.

Meeting called to order by President Hugh at 6:40 pm

Treasurer’s Report by Brian

  • June Income: $75.00
  • June Expenses: $36.75
  • Total Balance: $1681.52

Moved to accept by Martin, seconded by Rose, and unanimously agreed upon

Secretary’s Report by Brian, minutes provided by Laura prior to meeting

  • Board Meeting Minutes

Moved to accept by Gregg, seconded by Martin, and unanimously agreed upon

  • General Meeting Minutes

Moved to accept by Gregg, seconded by Martin, and unanimously agreed upon

Program Chair Report by Gregg

  • July Meeting
    • First Presentation: Hugh:-Preparing your Windows XP computer to install along side of or inside of Linux.
    • Second Presentation: Editing the menu on Grub2. (Gregg or Hugh)
  • August Meeting
    • First Presentation: Installing Linux and running your old operating system in a virtual machine.

Future Presentation Ideas:

  • Business cards using Avery.com (Gregg)
  • Craigslist-how to post, how to search for items
  • Facebook-benefits, how to create an account, how to upload photos, how to find friends, etc.
  • Tablets/Laptops. Specifically, the Kindle Fire HDX by Gregg and ChromeBook by Laura.
  • Zorin with a possible SIG to update systems and install software.
  • Backup with Clonezilla.
  • BitLocker - Hard drive encryption.
  • Dark Table - LightRoom clone for Linux and Mac.
  • Streaming with Sony Blu-Ray player.

Old Business

  • Six people showed interest for a Linux installation SIG after March’s meeting. We would need a location, and this could take place on a Saturday afternoon. This will be brought up at the next meeting to encourage interest and ideas for locations, such as a member’s garage. Karcher Estates, Hugh’s or Gregg’s garage.
  • It will be announced at the meeting and in the newsletter regarding the Tight Receiver being present at the July meeting. Members will be encouraged to bring their laptops.
  • Clint said that he wasn’t able to make contact with Lee Pesky in regard to giving back to them and this will be addressed at the next board meeting.

New Business

  • Please restate the question during question and answer. Also give an answer that can be followed through with by members.
  • Business cards printed up for promoting the club.

Meeting adjourned by President Hugh at 7:54 pm.

Next board meeting will be July 24th, 2014, 6:30 pm at Jerry’s in Boise.

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