November 21st, 2013 IPCUG Board Meeting Minutes

Called to order by Hugh at 7:10pm | 4 officers, 4 board members, and 2 club members present

Treasurer Report by Brian

  • November Income: $100.00 (Raffle and Renewals)
  • November Expenses: $206.33 (Kindle Fire and Newsletter)
    • Difference: - $242.65
  • Total Balance: $1589.72

The treasurer’s report was moved to be accepted by Martin, seconded by Gregg, and unanimously agreed upon.

Secretary Report by Laura/Brian

  • October Board minutes provided by Laura.
  • November meeting minutes provided by Brian.
  • The secretary’s report was moved to be accepted by Brian, seconded by LeRoy, and unanimously agreed upon.

Program Chair Report by Gregg

December Meeting

  • Christmas Card exchange/snacks
  • First Presentation: Hugh Stroupe with Hard Drives 101
  • Second Presentation: Brian Aldridge with Local Backup
  • Raffle at the end of the meeting

January Meeting

  • First Presentation: Hugh Stroupe and Gregg Bruch with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 basics/Class Shell
  • Second Presentation: Tablets and their abilities to run basic PC functions
    • Martin Torres said he will look into installing Chrome Book, Android, etc. on his Mac to show how the operating systems work.

Future Presentation Ideas:

  • Online Backups (Brian)
  • Windows 7 Library (Mike’s minute)
  • Grub Boot-loader Update (Gregg)
  • Chrome Cast with raffle ($35) at the end of the meeting.
  • How to set up a router and Tight Projector (most likely February meeting)

Old Business

  • Discussed the need to have the presentations appear on individual laptop screens during the meetings, such as using Tight Projector and setting up a router. This could be incorporated into the meeting presentation as well. We will tentatively do this in February.
  • Brian said Jerry, owner of Jerry’s restaurant, was not available to speak to regarding the possibility of holding monthly meetings and that he will try to speak to Jerry this month.
  • Hugh needs to be put on the IPCUG checking account and having the previous Treasurer’s name taken off. Brian also said he will look into continuing with Chase to see if they will charge a fee for the IPCUG account or not, being that the previous Treasurer had an existing personal account and the IPCUG fees were waived.

New Business

  • Presentation notes were not found on the website by a member of the board, as well as another member not being able to find the newsletters. Brian explained how this would be fixed.
  • How do we publicize our club to get new members to join us?
  • IPCUG is on Twitter, Facebook, and on the internet. There was an idea of putting a sample newsletter on the home page of the website. Another idea was to make the “Idaho PC Users Group” icon click-able which would direct the page to the newsletter.
  • There was an idea to “brighten” up the website, so it is more colorful and inviting.


Meeting adjourned by President Hugh Stroupe at 8:03 pm.

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