October 10th, 2013 IPCUG Meeting Minutes

By Laura Aldridge

25 people present, including 1 Visitor

Announcements were made by Brian, with the following:

  • No-host breakfast Saturday, October 12th at 9:00 am, Golden Corral, Boise
  • Board meeting Thursday, October 24th, at 7:00 pm, Elmer’s, Boise
  • “Meeting after the meeting” tonight at Denny’s
  • Raffle for the new Kindle Fire HDX at the December meeting. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased through Brian from now through the December meeting. Information about the Kindle Fire HDX is in the newsletter.

Question and Answer session:

  • “Why, after Microsoft downloaded its updates, am I was no longer able to open .docx files?” He chose “open with” and selected Microsoft Office Virtualization and the files opened correctly. Brian Aldridge suggested that he open his Control Panel and choose “Programs” to show his list of installed applications. Find Microsoft Office and choose “Repair” to ensure that the program is not corrupted.
  • A member made a comment about Office Depot closing and there might be a possibility of going out of business sales. Clint commented that a 3rd party company is handling the liquidation and they are not honoring coupons.
  • Doug gave his experiences of trying to contact Microsoft Technical Support and instead being connected with a company wanting $200 to clean his computer. Brian suggested running Malware Bytes and SuperAn-tiSpyware to ensure they did not hide any applications in the background.

Ballots were passed to everyone present at the meeting and the following officers and board members were voted in for October 2013-October 2014:

Hugh Stroupe                        President
Gregg Bruch                          Vice President/Program Chair
Brian Aldridge                      Treasurer
Laura Aldridge                     Secretary
Mike Brown                           3 year board member
Rose Wood                            2 of 3 year board member
Ruth Parsons                        1 year board member
LeRoy Morrill                      1 year board member
Martin Torres                      1 year board member

Hugh Stroupe gave a live presentation about cleaning your Windows PC, using a laptop that someone had asked him to “fix.” Hugh showed how to open msconfig, select the startup tab, and see what the computer is trying to open at start-up. A “clean” computer should only have 4-5 items on this page. One of the first steps of cleaning your PC is to create a restore point, which can be useful to recover from an unexpected error. Using a restore point won’t bring back any programs, but it can be useful for driver problems. Hugh shared a great site for getting rid of programs, which is http://www.pcdecrapifier.com. When you open the PCDecrapifier, you can select specific items that you want removed, so you don’t have to hassle with re-installing the ones that you want to keep. Once your computer is stripped of the unwanted software, you can put on the software you wanted in the first place at www.Ninite.com. From here, you can click on the programs you want and simply click on “Get Installer” and save the file.

To actually clean up the computer, in Windows XP, click the start button and type MSCONFIG.EXE in the RUN box. In Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Server 2003, 2008, 2012 go to the start button and in the search box type MSCONFIG then hit enter. Go to the Service tab, and put a check box in “Hide All Microsoft Services.” Be sure to eliminate your unneeded startup programs, because this can slow the boot processes. To clean up unwanted services, simply check the box and it will be disabled. To clean up your computer using a different route, go to www.Filehippo.com and download CCleaner. This is a free program. Simply click “Run Cleaner” and note the amount of data that you removed. Another thing that can slow down your computer is a registry that has outdated, unused, or erroneous data. Ccleaner can easily clean it up and speed up your computer. Click on “Scan for Issues,” then “Fix All Selected Issues.”
Hugh also showed off his Windows 8 system, using the Classic Shell to make his computer look like a Windows 7 desktop. Hugh also has multiple “gadgets” on his desktop, showing various statistics, which is downloadable at www.addgadgets.com.
Hugh then demonstrated (as a response to a question from Doug) how to find Microsoft Office help by searching office.microsoft.com and then choosing the support tab.
Meeting was adjourned by President Hugh Stroupe at 8:52 pm.

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